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Gray Back Posture Corrector - The Free Wild Soul
Corrector de postura de espalda Gris - The Free Wild Soul

Back Posture Corrector Gray

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 Do you suffer from bad postures, back, lumbar or neck pain?

This corrector is a simple garment designed so that the back, shoulder and neck remain exerting a gentle traction, in a natural posture respecting the curves of the spine. 


  • Keeps bones and muscles properly aligned
  • It stimulates the memory of the muscles around the spine, helping to correct bad postural habits
  • Relieves back and neck muscle pain, mental and physical fatigue and stress
  • Back prevention
  • Prevents the spine from fixing in abnormal positions
  • Improves physical appearance by promoting good posture

Its thin and lightweight padded neoprene and fabric material makes it invisible and comfortable under or over any clothing, while you can use it:

  • Watching TV
  • While playing sports or walking
  • In the office in front of the pc
  • Driving
  • Housework

Use time: It is recommended by specialists and can be used every day. The first two days it is recommended to use 20 to 30 min. Your back and shoulders will slowly adjust and build muscle memory that leads to the correct posture. Then you can slowly increase to 2 hours and persist for 2-3 months and you will see that your posture will have changed to the correct one.

Adjustable size thanks to its velcro design that expands the range of adjustment depending on your back and shoulders. Suitable for both men and women (chest width range 70-110 cm). Available in two sizes.

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